Always Like Looking After The Elderly, Want A Career Path To Do This?

What It Takes To Work In A Living Care Facility

Living care facility assistants serve a crucial role in society by helping the disabled and elderly to maintain a good quality of life. These assistants understand the importance of hygiene, cleanliness and nutrition, and also everyday activities that most people take for granted.

Living care facility assistants are divided into two branches – personal care and home health. Personal care providers tend to tasks like bathing, dressing, cooking and housekeeping. Additional responsibilities can include organizing a person’s schedule, shopping, and providing companionship and friendship.

Most people who work as care assistants have a high school diploma although no formal education is needed in some states to start a job. Other states require taking some classes to work in this field. These classes could take place at community colleges, vocational schools, or in private health training schools.

Because the nature of the job is different from person to person, care assistants receive their training at work. Under the eye of another care assistant, a certified health aide, or nurse, the caregivers learn to perform certain jobs and acquire the necessary skills for each client’s needs. Some employers also offer training in topics like cardiopulmonary resuscitation and require that people pass a competency test before starting work.

Care assistants do not need a license. Certification may be necessary for aides to secure a job. With the exception of taking an exam, the certification comprises of approximately 75 hours of training.

The Bureau of Labor reports that on the job injuries are common among care assistants because of the nature of the work. Looking after disabled people requires the caregiver to have good physical strength. Employers look for assistants who are dependable, patient, have good organizational skills and the ability to communicate with all people.

Carers can choose to get health training and become health aides. Health aides have opportunities to advance to other careers such as a nursing, which necessitates extra education and training. Care assistants with skills and experience could have the opportunity to teach new carers or students.

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