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Zuora automates your cloud billing and subscription management

The cloud market is expected to grow to over $240 billion by 2020. To play in this league, you need a delivery system that gets virtual infrastructure services out to customers at lightning speed. Zuora's Relationship Business Management (RBM) system lets your business move fast, delivering services on demand, with usage-based pricing, free trials, multiple editions, product bundles, and add-ons. And it puts you in control of the relationship with a subscription management system that supports customers at every step.

How can Zuora's Relationship Business Management system help your cloud business?

Infinite ways to go to market

Is your pricing on demand, by reservation, location-based or off-peak? Are you using prepaid, overage or discount models? Combinations of the above? Want to charge per terabyte stored? Per IP address? Per CPU instance? Zuora supports unlimited charge models and lets you make changes in real time to stay on the market's leading edge.

Zuora's flexible APIs make online commerce a breeze in any portal. Zuora for Salesforce provides a seamless quoting and ordering experience for sales. Zuora syncs your online commerce portals with Salesforce to keep all of your info current. If customers need flexible payment options or consolidated bills, Zuora can handle them. Get ready for big growth, without the back-office army.

Order, rate, bill, collect—all in one place

Make customers happy to come back

Zuora manages the whole customer lifecycle. It makes complexities like mid-term upgrades, downgrades, add-ons, renewals and cancellations effortless for you and your customers.

Automatically register recurring and deferred revenue in a way that your ERP and finance systems were never designed to do. Zuora's accounting tools let you summarize and reconcile high-volume subscription transactions. And get reports that give you unmatched insights into subscription-specific metrics, A/R and revenue.

Know your business. Grow your business.

Bring your subscription business under one roof

Built for product marketers, finance professionals, and commerce masterminds

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