Deliver Better Subscription Experiences with Zuora and Stripe ​

Advanced Payments,
Fully Integrated

Given the shared product vision between Zuora and Stripe, customers will now be able to take full advantage of Stripe’s advanced capabilities inside Zuora Billing. Subscription businesses will now lower payment processing fees by integrating L2/L3 data and keep their payments secure with AI-driven fraud detection.

Subscription Architecture

Zuora and Stripe are working together as part of a modern ecosystem for digital subscriptions and commerce. The partnership provides customers with a technology integration to help optimize and automate subscription business processes from launch to revenue recognition.

Differentiated Subscription Experiences with Payments Flexibility

Companies in the Subscription Economy succeed when they deliver compelling holistic subscription experiences that evolve with customer needs. Zuora provides the agility and automation needed to price, package, and bill in countless combinations, and now Stripe adds a frictionless, flexible payment avenue so subscribers can pay when, where, and how they choose.

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Find out how Zuora and Stripe have helped customers launch and scale subscription services

Zuora and Stripe Customer


"Zoom has experienced triple-digit YoY revenue growth over the past several years. We needed a solution that could help us scale our entire business operations and deliver a personalized experience to our valued customers. Zuora has proven to be a trusted partner and a true system of record for our subscription-based business."

- Kelly Steckelberg, CFO at Zoom

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Zuora and Stripe Customer


"Zuora sits at the nexus between IT, finance, and digital, binding them together with shared data. Our product team uses that data to improve purchasing and payment flows, and to experiment with different pricing tiers independently—without having to worry about downstream dependencies."

‒ Ethan Kaplan, Chief Digital Officer, Fender

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Zuora and Stripe Customer

Guardian News Media

A global media leader known for fearless, independent journalism, The Guardian is primarily driven by the relationship between its journalists and readers.

Zuora is proud to work with one of the most popular and independent English newspapers in the world.

The Guardian has already signed over 100,000 members, and GNM is now migrating its print and digital subscriptions to Zuora so it can offer flexible pricing and packaging across subscriptions and membership.

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