“We’ve appreciated Zuora’s engagement across the board with GoPro stakeholders – from engineering and product teams to our finance team – regarding roadmap and the subscription industry in general. Zuora’s existing integrations and partnerships have allowed GoPro to move quickly both in coming to market and to making essential shifts.” - Rahul Iyengar, Senior Director, Software Engineering

Company GoPro
Industry B2C

The Customer

GoPro’s passion is to make it easy for the world to capture and share itself in immersive and exciting ways. Since its founding in 2002, the company has produced the world’s most versatile cameras and software tools to help its customers get the most out of their content.

The Challenge

GoPro wanted to give customers worry-free use and easy access to edit, manage and share the content captured on their cameras.

The Solution

The GoPro subscription offers unlimited cloud storage, premium editing tools, guaranteed camera replacement, exclusive product discounts and more. The Zuora platform has provided GoPro with backend support through a subscription management integration that enables transactions, invoices, payment methods, finance, and tax support.

The Benefits

GoPro customers are making good use of the outsized value offered by the GoPro Subscription, which now has more than one million subscribers.

“Zuora has provided GoPro with a solid runway with which to launch and upgrade our subscription offering through the years, allowing GoPro better access to reaching potential customers on the web with our subscription offering.” - Rahul Iyengar, Senior Director, Software Engineering

In 2016 GoPro launched the HERO5 Black, its first cloud-connected camera alongside a brand-new subscription cloud service to make it easy for its customers to access their content anywhere and from any device. At the time, Zuora’s subscription platform provided the necessary backbone to be a one-stop shop to help the GoPro subscription come to market quickly.

In 2020, after several years of consistent organic subscription growth, GoPro accelerated subscription growth by driving more business through GoPro.com and leveraging the GoPro subscription to provide outsized value to customers. This strategic shift in GoPro’s business required significant back-end work by the GoPro team and the Zuora platform streamlined key parts of this work.

To ensure a consistent global experience for GoPro customers, GoPro embarked on a global infrastructure update to make GoPro the Merchant of Record (MOR) in all regions. During this complex process, GoPro onboarded several new third-party payment partners whose integration was seamless and straightforward due to existing pre-built integrations within the Zuora platform.

The Zuora platform also provides valuable support for GoPro’s web-based transactions. Being able to offer customers the opportunity to purchase both a camera and a subscription at the same time seems simple, but on the back end, it requires thoughtful design to allow single-time transactions (ie. purchase of a camera or an accessory) to happen concurrently with recurring monthly or annual subscription payments while providing clear reconciliation to GoPro’s finance team and integration with third parties for payment, tax, and fulfillment.

“Zuora lets us dynamically manage subscription changes, which is a huge deal.” – Ian Klassen, Senior Director, Subscription Products

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