Band Website Templates to Help You Showcase Your Music

Rock your online presence with these examples of band website templates. Perfect for musicians looking to showcase their music and gigs!

Imagine that electric moment when a guitar strum thrills the crowd. Now capture that energy β€” online. Your band’s vibe, ethos, and rhythm woven into a digital tapestry; that’s what an exceptional website offers. Navigating through examples of band website templates isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s channeling your music’s soul into pixels and code.

Here’s the deal: Bands can’t thrive on sound alone in this digital era. It’s the snazzy music website layouts and slick user experiences that turn listeners into followers. An online presence is a stage and your site, the setlist that orchestrates your entire musical journey.

By the final chord of this article, you’ll be tuned into the finest tempoes of choosing and utilizing a template.

We’ll riff through everything from responsive designs that sing to all devices, to features that amplify your tunes, like embedded SoundCloud tracks or tour schedule web formats. Time to make those web notes pitch-perfect, let’s rock this web symphony!

20 Music Band Website Templates to Inspire You

After learning to choose the best website template, check out these creative HTML and WordPress theme options. These tools can help you create eye-catching pages to fit a musical project, promote your band, and entice music producers.

Music Band Website Template

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AQURA is a retina-ready music band, musician, and DJ template, bringing multiple layouts and options for playlists. It helps you share music albums through a clean interface. This way, visitors can easily browse your organized sound collection.

You get several homepage alternatives to the popular background image. Define a full-background video or image slider to add movement and elegance.

Back to Rock

Back to Rock delivers one of the most creative music band website templates. With it, you can include varied content on your site, from videos to an audio files player and even a blog.

It offers a retina-ready and responsive layout in a Bootstrap framework. Additionally, you can easily customize the color scheme to fit your branding.


WPRollers offers an HTML and a WordPress version of Bishop. This website template helps DJs, performers, and musicians create a personal page. It also suits music events like parties and contests.

Bishop uses Visual Page Builder. This drag-and-drop builder facilitates customization and increases functionality.

It includes operating widgets, contact forms, and shortcodes, and it emphasizes animation. Artists can choose between a light and dark theme.


IronBand is a top-rated music band and DJ template with a singular design. It focuses on helping artists and musicians sell their music through their WordPress websites. Thus, it integrates with online stores such as iTunes.

This theme allows you to have a page for users to access and book your events. It delivers a smooth experience and has an MP3 player to broadcast your tunes.


Kraj is a comprehensive template bringing a responsive solution for any artist or music band website. It offers you a minimal layout with a clean design using the latest version of Bootstrap.

NetGon provides the help and documentation you need to use Kraj in HTML or WordPress.

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BDEXPERT created MixMusic with musicians, music bands, and radio stations in mind. This HTML5 website template has a modern design that adapts to different purposes and businesses within the music industry.

With over 12 pages, you can use it to introduce an album, upload audio playlists, or sell your sound and merchandise. The theme also has W3C valid code for enhanced compliance.


Monkey is an HTML theme for music bands to place themselves on the entertainment industry map. It has 11 native pages, including a Music Album Player and several photo galleries.

You get custom graphics, an SEO-optimized layout, and cross-browser compatibility. Furthermore, Monkey helps you save money using only free fonts and enclosing its JQuery and CSS3 effects.


If you want an impactful single-page website, Mousiqua is the best template for you. This HTML tool supplies you with a retina-ready, responsive layout that allows you to categorize your content.

With it, you can embed your preferred audio and videos on your website page. You can add a header menu for facilitated navigation and apply responsive animations throughout the design.

Music Club – Rockon

Rockon gives you all the tools you need to grow your business. This website template adapts to various industry niches, from rock bands to singer-songwriters.

It supports various font sources and offers access to consistent support. You can use its animated layered slider option to keep your fans engaged.


Musician is a music band, blog, and shop HTML template. It increases your visibility and offers site visitors a smooth experience.

This theme is Bootstrap-based, giving you a mobile-friendly website. It integrates with SoundCloud so fans can listen to your playlists directly from your site.


MusiX is a modern template built on the latest technology and code. It has various sections and pages to help musicians, performers, and bands assemble their websites.

You can define a page for each band member, album, or single. Besides, this theme includes a countdown timer for events and supports unlimited colors powered by LESS.


Jellythemes created Musize to provide music artists with a comprehensive template. It has a stunning design, adapts to various theme choices, and supports integrations with external platforms.

With Musize, singers and bands get many customization options. They can personalize their homepage background, navigation, widgets, and animation.


MxTonz is a complete HTML website template with cross-browser and multi-device compatibility. It comes updated for the latest Bootstrap and includes free Google fonts and font icons.

You can integrate MxTonz with other platforms, like MailChimp and Google Maps. It contains music and video players with playlist features so fans can easily access your songs.


Oumaila is a music band and musician website template. It comprises a single-page retina-ready design with block sections to fit user needs and organize content.

It uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a selection of plugins to add extra features. You can display your Twitter and Instagram feed and upload your latest album to play in the background.


Singer is an edgy HTML template for performers, musicians, and singers. You can choose between a Light or Dark and a Boxed or Wide theme on over 100 designed pages.

Like other website templates on this list, Singer has free fonts and icons and includes PSD files. The precomposed headers and footers give you a starting point for creating your WordPress site.


Soundlab is a customizable music band and musician template built with HTML5. It has different homepage layouts from which you can choose that are organized and clean.

Like other website templates, it integrates with external platforms such as Spotify and YouTube. You can share your tunes through the audio player and promote your latest music album.


Symphonius is a template that fits everything an artist might need. You get a single-page layout with a music and video player. It also includes detailed documentation and reliable online support.

The tool uses vector objects in a retina-ready design. The HTML5 and CSS3 code allows for optimum responsiveness and enhanced animations. Besides, a distinguishing characteristic is that Symphonius is based on the UIkit3 framework.


Voyceo is a premium template for singer-songwriters, bands, studios, and DJs. It has specific features to support multiple devices and browsers and deliver a smooth experience.

This tool features everything a music band website demands. You can use it to sell your merchandise and allow users to book tickets for your shows.

Additionally, Voyceo has SEO-optimized source code to help you reach a broader audience.


WeMusic is a music band event template offering premium e-commerce solutions. You can download either its HTML or WordPress version.

It has 4 available homepage styles and a built-in shop with filtering options that are easily customizable. Like other templates in this list, WeMusic has a Light and Dark version.

FAQ on Band Website Templates

Riding the wave of trends, bold visuals and immersive experiences are king. Think virtual gig feel with video backgrounds, and don’t skimp on those responsive designs. Fans love to swipe through galleries of your tours and merchandise on any device. Make it visually striking, make it snappy, and voila – you’ve nailed it!

Do free band templates cut it for a professional look?

In a word, yes – but with reservations. Free templates are akin to a one-size-fits-all t-shirt. They do the job, but customized templates are like that tailored jacket – just sharper. Start with a freebie from platforms like WordPress or Bandzoogle, then tweak ’til it fits like a glove.

How do I integrate my tracks and videos?

Most templates come ready with built-in audio players and video widgets. If you want fans jamming to your tunes with a click, embed SoundCloud or Spotify straight into your layout. For vids, it’s as smooth as embedding a YouTube link. Show ’em what you got!

Is merchandising possible with these templates?

Absolutely! Slot in an e-commerce feature, and you’re golden. Plug in WooCommerce or go for a template that supports a merch page. PayPal and Stripe are your friends here. Selling tees, vinyl, or bandanas? Make that moolah while you sleep.

What features are a must-have for a band’s website?

Start with an eye-catching home page. Throw in a gig calendar design, media gallery for your sick visuals, and a music player. Can’t forget about that social media integration β€“ your fanbase lives there. And, if you ask me, a blog’s not a bad shout; keeps the conversation going.

How often should a band update their website?

Keep your site fresh like your sets – update often. New tour dates? Slap ’em on. New album drop? Announce it. Just won an award? Brag away. The goal is to maintain the hype. A dusty site is like last year’s setlist – outdated.

Can fans buy tickets directly from our website?

Sure thing. Hook up with a ticket provider, embed their service, and watch those ticket sales roll in. Partnerships with entities like Bandsintown streamline this. Make it easy, and they’ll come. After all, who doesn’t love skipping the ticket line?

Should the band’s site be SEO optimized?

Like the perfect riff, SEO makes your site discoverable. Keywords? Layer ’em in with LSI keywords. Metadata? Can’t overlook it. Enticing content? That’s your hook. Remember, you’re not screaming into the void; you’re serenading the search engines. Make Google your groupie.

How can we reflect our band’s identity online?

Your website is the digital leather jacket of your band. Infuse every portfolio template and web design with your unique flavor. Got a vintage vibe? Go retro. Metalheads? Dark and intense. Your website should echo every string vibration of your band’s soul.

Any tips for increasing fan engagement on our site?

Fans crave interaction. Start a blog, update it with behind-the-scenes content, tour diaries, anything that peels back the curtain. Implement a newsletter for the inside scoop. Bring in a fan poll or Q&A section. Engage in the comments. It’s about creating that virtual backstage pass.


You’ve just taken a tour through a variety of examples of band website templates that are more than just placeholders. They’re a cornerstone of your digital presence. You’ve seen the slick, the stylish, and the straight-up functional. Like finding the right chord progression, choosing a template sets the tone for your band’s online ethos.

Let’s not forget the essentials:

  • A seamless user experience on all devices, from smartphones to desktops.
  • Easy-peasy audio player integrations. Your music’s gotta be front and center.
  • E-commerce functionality for that sweet, sweet merch dough.

Remember, it’s not just any web real estate you’re after. It’s a home that resonates with the heartbeats of your tunes, the flair of your performances, and connects straight to your audience.

Capture your band’s pulse in pixel-perfect clarity. Let these templates be the canvas to your sonic artistry.

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Band Website Templates to Help You Showcase Your Music

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