Custom HTML and CSS Checkbox Examples You Can Use Too

Enhance your forms with our article featuring creative examples of CSS checkbox styles, offering a blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Tick. Click. Boom. Suddenly your form’s got flair, thanks to a snazzy CSS checkbox. Plain old checkboxes? They get the job done, but we’re about to juice them up into something fancy.

Diving into the world of HTML form elements and CSS styling, we’re going to twist that default look into custom pieces of art that make users actually want to click. It’s like giving a grey canvas a splash of neon—your web forms will never be the same.

In this code-packed adventure, you’ll learn how to dress up those checkboxes with pseudo-elements and CSS animations. We’ll navigate through cross-browser compatibility, ensuring that your snazzy boxes look good no matter where they show up. And since accessibility matters, I’ll show you how to make your designs both eye-catching and user-friendly.

By the time we wrap, you’ll be armed with CSS checkbox examples that can transform any digital form from mundane to magical.

CSS Checkbox Examples

Todo Checkbox

Author: Katherine Kato

Checking this CSS checkbox produces a strikethrough effect and text fill hover.

Pure CSS3 Checkboxes with FontAwesome

Author: foxeisen

This is a pure CSS3 checkbox made with FontAwesome and transitions.

Box/Button Hovers

Author: Andrew Wierzba

This is an ideal option for those wanting a checkbox with a few animations. Static boxes can be boring and unexciting.

So the author came up with a conceptual design idea for interactive animation. Users can spice things up and make them more intuitive.

Custom Checkbox / Toggle Switch

Author: thelaazyguy

The author of this CSS checkbox used HTML, CSS, and a little SVG to create a collection of four toggle switches.

CSS3 Checkbox Styles

Author: Brad Bodine

For more design options, this CSS checkbox fits the bill. It has nine designs to choose from, depending on the background style.

Some of these designs stand out from the rest of the page elements since they are bolder and chunkier. Or users can opt for the sliding buttons that work with both web and mobile applications.

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Material Inspired Checkboxes and Radio Groups

Author: Buddy Reno

The great thing about this one is that it doesn’t need JavaScript to run. Users can toggle the different pseudo-elements on the label and use the checked state if the label comes after the checkbox.

CodePen Home Shift & Check Boxes

Author: thu nguyen

The design of this CSS checkbox is quite similar to the Apple notes app. It also has a similarity in the to-do lists applications.

Since it uses proper spacing and borderlines, the texts are easy to read and understand. However, it doesn’t have the option to edit texts as it is only a concept demo.

Cool Checkbox with SVG!

Author: Luis Adame

This CSS checkbox uses SVG to create animation. The checkboxes are customizable according to user preference.

Jelly Checkbox

Author: Andreas Storm

This checkbox uses pure CSS to create designs and animations. Keep in mind that this is only a concept model, so the design is light and simple.

The sizes are also customizable according to user preference and style.

Life Paradox | CSS Checkboxes

Author: Havard Brynjulfsen   

Users will want to start using CSS and JS to recreate this checkbox.

Toggle by Daryl / Dave

Author: David Darnes

The author based this checkbox on Toggle created by Daryl Ginn. But they added a twist and included more details and animation.

Pure CSS Skateboard Checkbox

Author: Adam Kuhn

This one is more complicated than the others, but it is worth the try. They used pure CSS, making it more advanced.

Pretty Pure CSS Checkboxes & Radio Buttons

Author: Cesque

This is a more customizable checkbox. Users can change the size and color to complement their page style and background.

Material Design Checkbox

Author: Andreas Storm

The author used CSS material to finish this checkbox.

Checkbox Trickery: To-Do List 

Author: Will Boyd

Since the CSS checkbox concept is similar to a to-do list board, this Checkbox Trickery did a great job. The whole checkbox looks neat and works according to its purpose.

When the user marks the action as completed, the label will move to the completed list section.

Material Design Toggle

Author: Andreas Storm

This one is a material design CSS toggle.

Emojibox – Checkbox with emojis

Author: Jouan Marcel

This makes a web page more enticing by using emojis. Creativity truly matters in this CSS checkbox.

It has a simple design with different buttons instead of using texts. Users can create a binary or non-binary selection by using the checkbox and radio button.

The author used CSS transition to make this Emojibox.

Pure CSS Checkboxes

Author: Stas Melnikov

Stas used span elements to create square turn and arrow animations.

Fancy Checkboxes and Radio Buttons — with Font Awesome

Author: Jase

The original checkboxes and radio buttons were only there to serve their purpose. Design and animation were not part of that concept.

Although this works, visitors prefer buttons and checkboxes with transitions and other details. The author uses well-formed HTML to create several checkbox designs and Font Awesome styles.

Toggle Button Animation

Author: Aaron Iker

This CSS checkbox has sweet animation with smooth and balanced speed transitions. It is also known as the toggle check button.

CSS “Ripple/Wave” checkbox and radio button

Author: Matt Sisto

Users can choose from checkbox and radio button designs. Matt used a ripple effect for the checkboxes.

Compared to other CSS checkboxes that use a ripple effect, this is a little longer. It has a simple design, including the cross mark used in the checkboxes.

chippy checkbox inputs

Author: Adam Quinlan

For a different styling of checkboxes, this chippy checkbox input is worth a try. It’s useful for various website forms.


This one is a pure CSS animated checkbox.

Flip checkbox

Author: Andreas Storm

Those wanting a flip checkbox made in HTML and CSS should try this option.

CodePenChallenge – Checkbox

Author: Andreas Storm

This CSS checkbox comes with a neat animation. It has an uncomplicated design, allowing it to fit on different parts of the website or application.

Whenever the user checks a box, a ripple effect will appear.


Author: Andreas Storm

The author used HTML checkbox and SVG to create this pure CSS micro-interaction.

CSS-only Todo List Checkbox Animation  

As the name suggests, this CSS checkbox is ideal for a to-do list form. It has a tick and untick animation effect to let the user cross out the finished tasks, and remove them from the list.

Once the user completes the task and ticks the box, there will be a bling-bling and a strike-through effect.

Fancy checkbox

Author: Ana Tudor

This checkbox input and label are ideal for use inside a form.


Author: Mohammadreza Ziadzadeh

For a simple or minimalist design, try using this CSS checkbox. It doesn’t have fancy animation that overcomplicates the texts.

It is a mixture of checkbox and radio button design.

A checkbox animation

Author: Himalaya Singh

The author used HTML and CSS to create this easy-to-use checkbox animation.


Author: Andreas Storm

Pure CSS Fancy Checkbox/Radio

Author: Raul Barrera

This one engulfed the entire text once the user checked the box. This is different from the typical design effect of the CSS checkbox – the ripple and bounce.

It provides a clear indication that the user has selected one of the options. If a unique design is paramount, then give this one a go.

Simple Checkbox Switcher

Author: Artyom

This CSS checkbox resembles a cartoon. Overall, the checkbox switchers are straightforward and easy to use.


Author: Aaron Iker

Checkboxes is a classic CSS checkbox with micro-interaction and a couple of variations.

Custom checkbox

Author: Valery

Since this Custom Checkbox has lightweight code snippets, it keeps tasks simple. There’s no need to add complicated and useless designs.

The animation effect is smooth and swift.

Neumorphic Design

Chris Weissenberger is the author of this checkbox.

Animated CSS Checkboxes & Radio Buttons 

Author: Tomas Thorvardarson

If your browser cannot support animation of dash-offset and dash-array properties, these animated CSS checkboxes and radio buttons will do the work for you.

2020 Toggles

Author: Aaron Iker

Neuomorphic Checkboxes

Author: Braydon Coyer

This CSS checkbox is great to use on a web page. It plays with lights and shadows while giving an authentic experience to users.

Checkbox With mo.js

Author: Mike Quinn

This one has a smooth animation effect as the author used the mo.js script. It has a straightforward and animated design that makes the page more inviting.

The smooth animation and bubble effect helps visitors enjoy a tour of the website.


Author: Andreas Storm

+/- Toggle

Author: Aaron Iker

This Toggle CSS checkbox is simple to use, but the author added some fun by using a 3D effect on the “add” button.

FAQs about CSS checkboxes

How do I customize the look of a CSS checkbox?

Stand aside, default designs—we’re sculpting checkboxes that shine with personality. Crack open your stylesheet and get comfy with pseudo-elements like ::before and ::after. With a few lines of code, you ensure your checkboxes match your vibe, from sleek minimalism to playful bursts of color.

Can I animate a CSS checkbox?

Oh, absolutely! Jazz it up with that @keyframes magic. Imagine a little checkmark that dances into place on click—catchy, right? Subtle fades, bouncing ticks, the works. Remember, balance is key; keep it snappy so it’s all speed and sparkle without the wait.

How do I ensure CSS checkbox compatibility across different browsers?

Consistency is your mantra here. We’ve got vendor prefixes and fallbacks as our secret sauce. Test, then test again—tools like BrowserStack can be lifesavers. And let’s not forget the community’s wisdom; those stack overflow threads are gold when you’re puzzling through Internet Explorer quirks.

Are customized CSS checkboxes accessible for all users?

Darn right they can be—should be, actually. ARIA roles and proper labeling are your BFFs here. Screen readers need love too, so make those custom checkboxes shine with clear tags and keyboard navigable goodness. Inclusivity in design isn’t just nice, it’s non-negotiable.

How can I make a CSS checkbox responsive?

Media queries, my friend—tailor your checkboxes for big screens and tiny ones. Touch targets need to be thumb-friendly, so don’t skimp on size for mobile. Responsive isn’t just about looking good; it’s about being easy to tap, no matter where you’re clicking from.

What are some creative ways to style CSS checkboxes?

Think icons, animations, and colors that pop. Your checkboxes can slide, flip, or spin—let those creative juices flow. Icons? Throw in a tick, a cross, maybe a smiley for kicks. And colors, go bold, keep it brand-centric, or seasonally rotate them—why not?

Is it possible to create CSS-only checkboxes without images?

Yes! With CSS wizardry, you craft visual masterpieces—no image files required. linear-gradient and box-shadow give you shapes and shades. And those crafty pseudo-elements help you make symbols that are all code. Keep it light, keep it fast—just the way we love it.

What techniques can improve the performance of custom-styled checkboxes?

Streamline it—keep your CSS lean and mean. Spritesheets? Maybe, but SVGs are slicker and scalable. Compress your code with minification tools. And sometimes, it’s the “less is more” vibe—a single, well-placed transition outperforms an overcooked animation any day.

How can I test the functionality of my CSS checkbox designs?

Fire up those dev tools; most browsers have built-in inspectors. Click, tap, toggle, and ensure that your checkboxes behave as expected. Automated testing tools can save you a headache; consider integrating them into your build process—because if it works like a charm, it’s a charm.

Can CSS checkboxes be integrated with frameworks like React or Vue?

They’re like chameleons, these checkboxes; they adapt. With React, think state for controlled components; Vue’s got v-model for that reactive goodness. Whichever framework’s your home turf, custom checkboxes slide right in—just bind them right, handle states like a pro, and voilĂ .


And there you have it. A whole gallery of CSS checkbox examples that’ll make any form stand out like the cool kid on the internet block. We’ve toyed with colors, danced with animations, and spun the pseudo-classes like vinyl. Your checkboxes? They’re not just squares waiting for a click anymore.

  • They’re miniature masterpieces.
  • Little interactive buddies on a user’s journey.

What started as a simple toggle is now a visual treat that meshes with your design like avocado on toast – perfect match. Remember, with great style comes great responsibility. Keep things accessible, keep ’em snappy, and most importantly, keep experimenting.

May your forms be joyful and your checkboxes ever swanky. Users will notice, they’ll appreciate the love you’ve dipped into every check. Until your next clicking spree, keep those style sheets sizzling and your inputs dynamic!

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Custom HTML and CSS Checkbox Examples You Can Use Too

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