A Nursing Home for your Golden Years

In our nursing home we take care of the medical needs of our residents

Are the retirement years catching up on you or your loved one? Do you have any special needs and 24 hours supervision? Are you looking to move into a nursing home that will provide you with the comfort, attention and the stimulative environment you desire? If so, then Joy of Living Care Services Inc is the right choice for you or your loved one! We are a great nursing home in West Palm Beach FL, as caring for elderly is the calling of all our staff members and nurses. And with complete facilities, affordable yearly rates, and 24/7 experienced staffing, why hesitate? We are convinced you will enjoy your stay with us whether on a permanent or temporary basis.

Nursing home employee smiling at old manJoy of Living Care Services Inc is a trusted nursing home located in West Palm Beach FL. For more than 10 years, we have cared for seniors and have striven to make their retirement years much more relaxing and enjoyable than any other senior care facility not only in the area but nationwide as well. Our secret to success is quite simple – we give 100 % of our time and effort to care for individuals who are unable to care for themselves. Our goals are not to be famous or to profit, but to ensure quality living for elders in West Palm Beach FL.

Caring for seniors, individuals 60 years old and above, is a tough, demanding and overwhelming task. A medical education or background is typically necessary to identify and cater to the needs of this particular age group. Everything is limited from the foods they can eat to their mobility. Furthermore, the task requires time to plan care regimen and daily activities. Also, medical supplies including medication and adult diapers should be accessible anytime it is needed. Elderly people are also more demanding when it comes to time and attention. They need to be frequently assessed and supported during walks.

Do you have someone who have the time, patience and expertise to take care of you? If not, try our nursing home services. We are positive you will find our facility to be an excellent living environment and our staff members to be very friendly, polite and reliable in times of need. Regardless of your circumstances and preferences, Joy of Living Care Services Inc‘ team is well prepared for you and ready to provide you with the senior care you deserve! Our facility is also equipped with the advanced recreational and medical equipment. We have patios, gardens, and decks for seniors who want to sit back and relax or to take a walk on a breezy afternoon as well as cabled TV for those who want to watch a TV show or movie. Contact us today at (561) 478-0523¬†for a complete list of the various services we offer as well as rates and special offers.