Senior Care Options

Senior care and how to choose from the available options

There will come a day when you will have to seek senior care for your elderly family member in West Palm Beach FL. There is a wide and varied array of senior housing options available to you. Your choice ranges from active adult homes and other independent living arrangements to skilled nursing facilities and memory care units. Which one you will select depends on the particular needs of your family member.

When searching for senior care options in West Palm Beach FL, think about your loved one. Consider his or her social disposition, likes and dislikes, lifestyle preferences as well as healthcare needs. Then, have a look at the different options below in order to make your choice.

1. Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities offer daily custodial service to seniors who may need help with some of the activities of their daily living. Residents are given a certain amount of independence and do not need regular or constant on-site medical attention. Assisted homes come in different sizes – they can be small, home-like facilities or large communities with dorm-like rooms. Apartments and other housing facilities are also available. If your family member has started to neglect or struggle with some aspects of daily care or maintenance, an assisted living facility is an excellent choice.

2. Skilled Nursing Home

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Nursing Homes are also referred to as skilled nursing units. There, your loved one will receive an extra level of attention in the form of medical care and oversight 24 hours a day. During day-time hours, care is provided by certified nurses, while licensed practical nurses work night shifts. The senior care residents receive is both medical and custodial. You can rest assured that your loved one is receiving all the necessary assistance. Nursing homes can offer many of the same activities as assisted living facilities, including social clubs, off-site excursions, physical therapy and exercise classes.

3. Home Care

Home care is the most popular choice of senior housing in the USA. Currently, over 7.6 million people rely on private caregivers to provide them with senior care services. Home senior care refers to senior care provided in a non-certified home setting. This care may be paid or unpaid. It is custodial in nature and could be offered by a family member, friend or a trained aid. Those who choose home care value relationship with family members more than they do social environments. For more introverted, private or family-centric older adults, in-home senior care may be the perfect solution.

It is only natural for you to want the best care for your elderly parent or relative. We are certain that you can find everything you as well as your family member want and need in Joy of Living Care Services Inc, West Palm Beach FL.