Senior Care Services

Senior care for happy and healthy living

Joy of Living Care Services Inc of West Palm Beach FL is an independent care provider with more than 10 year experience in the field of senior care. Client satisfaction is our prime goal, and we value our staff members as they are the key to our success and your well being. Our company believes in core values of care which are dignity, independence, confidentiality, privacy and right of choice. We believe in the protection of vulnerable seniors and make sure that all individuals we employ are suitable to join our team and understand their responsibilities and roles through thorough and rigorous recruitment procedures and background checks.

Young girl with a old woman at nursing homeEveryone shares similar concerns about health care for their parents, grandparents, as well as loved ones as they reach retirement age and beyond. Maybe your father gets confused and can’t keep his medications and doctor appointments straight. Or your mother seems depressed and doesn’t enjoy activities that once entertained her. Perhaps your grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer’s and needs regular attention while you’re at work. That’s when Joy of Living Care Services Inc can step in and be the caregiver you need.

Caring for a senior is a great responsibility and can be a full time job that may be too demanding for you to handle. Managing your own life, your household and children, perhaps a full time job, and all the senior’s needs can quickly become overwhelming and hectic. If your elderly family member lives at a distance managing their care can be even more challenging. If you find yourself in one of those situations, bear in mind that our team of experienced and devoted professionals is here to set you free of your worries. Our staff members are compassionate, experienced, and capable to provide your aging loved ones with the long-term assisted living and senior care they need. One call does it all. One call to our Joy of Living Care Services Inc and you will immediately get access to an abundance of support and industry knowledge.

Joy of Living Care Services Inc’s goal is to deliver superb senior care by providing all the amenities your loved one requires in order to ensure that the last years of their lives are fulfilling and enjoyable. We encourage you to call today at (561) 478-0523 and schedule an informative consultation and tour of our facility with one of our professionals. Alternatively, our friendly and knowledgeable assistants will be happy to provide you will all the necessary information about our conditions and rates over the phone.