The Journey to Usership™

Over the past decade, there’s been a fundamental shift in people’s relationship to products. In fact, more than 70% of adults across the globe believe that a person's status is no longer defined by what they own. Instead of owning products, customers want access to services. Subscribing and using services instead of owning products sets people free from hassles, maintenance costs, and constant upgrades.

We are witnessing the end of ownership, and a rise in usership.

This shift has sparked companies to dramatically change how they work. Companies are embarking on their own journeys into this brave new world, one that’s quite different from the old way of doing business. 

We call this the Journey to Usership.


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At Zuora, we’ve worked with thousands of subscription businesses and studied millions of data points across the world’s leading companies. We’ve seen patterns of success, pitfalls to avoid, and lessons that other companies can learn from. We’ve compiled all of these learnings into a blueprint that outlines the stages your company will go through and the areas you need to focus on to reach the holy grail of subscription success: long-term customer loyalty and sustainable, predictable revenue growth.

Whether you’re just thinking about subscriptions or you have an offering in the market today, you’ll find actionable insights here that can help you get valuable resources and take the right path when you reach a fork in the road. 

Let’s get going.

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