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Scaling Next-Generation Monetization, Featuring PwC

How to sell anything as a service with the right industry strategy


In recent years, the customer’s perspective is rapidly shifting from “owning” things to “experiencing value” obtained through products and services. Businesses in almost every industry are embracing new forms of monetization by putting direct digital relationships with their customers at the center of their business. As a result, they capture more market share and deliver goods and services to market in new ways and with better financial outcomes.

But… too often, companies struggle to streamline their order-to-revenue processes, and can’t keep up with changes in customer preference and evolving business needs, leading to a poor subscriber experience, increases in churn, and a slowdown in revenue growth.

Today, everything can be sold as a service (XaaS). This means anything, from pure software to enabled hardware devices, telecommunications to e-Health services or even mobility to home automation. But… technological innovation alone is not enough. 

Hear from PwC and Zuora as they share insights on how these new monetization models are evolving, the implications for your business, how you can take advantage of them and what success looks like in the subscribed economy. 


  • The 5 core tenets for modern monetization in 2022 and beyond
  • Why monolithic ERP alone does not provide innovation
  • Which transformations in XaaS are leading sustainable differentiation
  • And finally… shared Industry Outlooks for the Technology, Media & Telco, OEM & Supplier Industries

*Note - The opening keynote will commence up to 25 minutes. You’re welcome to select the concurrent Industry breakout of your choice as you submit the form!


Jennifer Cooper

VP Industry Strategy & Marketing


Jen Dransfeldt

Director, Industry Strategy - Tech


Axel G. Heyenga

Director Industry Strategy, Manufacturing, Automotive & Retail


David Crowell

Director, Business Transformation


Brendan Klein

Partner, Technology Industry Leader


Brian Decker

Partner, Auto & Supplier Industries Leader


Lori Driscoll

Partner, Media & Telco Industry Leader


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